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Annual Provider Awards

Mercy recognizes providers every year for a variety awards. 

Open nominations for the Annual Provider Awards are accepted in Feb/March and the winners are selected by the Mercy Staff Nurse Committee and announced in April/May. Contact the Physician Relations Department for more details - (319) 861-7684

Congratulations to the 2015 Annual Provider Award Winners!

CURRENT - 2015 Award Winners

Colleague Award | Anwar Ahmed, MD

Mentor/Educator Award | Fadi Yacoub, MD

Planetree Physician Champion Award  | Matthew Anderson, MD

Patient Advocate Award | Vincent Reid, MD and Samuel Wood, MD

Outstanding NP/PA Award | Greg Taylor, PA-C

PAST - 2014 Award Winners

Colleague Award | Vincent Reid, MD

Mentor/Educator Award | Donald Hilliard, MD, & James Matsuda, MD

Planetree Physician Champion Award  | Roger Allen, MD

Patient Advocate Award | Cam Campbell, MD

Outstanding NP/PA Award | Teresa Coker, ARNP

Annual Provider Awards Criteria

Colleague Award

  • Treats all members of the healthcare team with respect
  • Recognizes and acknowledges individual contributions of all team members to patient outcomes
  • Independently accesses patient information using available technology resources
  • Upholds Mercy’s Service Excellence Performance Standards
  • Addresses questions regarding patient condition to appropriate staff in professional manner
  • Participates in interdisciplinary care conferences or care planning activities
  • Models the expectations of the Code of Professional Conduct of the Medical Staff

Patient Advocate Award

  • Approaches patients and families in a manner that allows for questions to be addressed and responds to questions in an understandable manner
  • Communicates openly with patients and families and listens attentively ensuring the patients’/family members’ perspectives are captured
  • Treats all patients, family members, and staff with dignity and respect, regardless of the situation or previous experiences
  • Values staff’s opinion and provides patient care with a team-based care approach including the patient, family and staff
  • Educates all members of the health care team on the goals identified

Planetree Physician Champion

  • Models the Planetree philosophy and the 10 components by positively influencing the way we deliver patient-centered care
  • Addresses the patient as a whole by focusing on the mind, body and spirit of patients when planning care and addressing patient needs
  • Works with patients and family members to identify realistic goals of care by educating them and empowering them to be active members of the healthcare team
  • Addresses quality of life issues with patients and family members and manages all patient symptoms, especially pain and general comfort
  • Is a role model to other physicians through consistent demonstration of personalized and compassionate care

Mentor / Educator Award

  • Routinely communicates with patient care staff outlining plans for the patient with nursing and support staff
  • Participates in staff education opportunities at department meetings and/or in-services
  • Routinely takes the opportunity to provide informal education when addressing patient issues
  • Facilitates the introduction of new ideas and technology, incorporating evidence-based practice standards

Outstanding Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant Award

  • Provides positive leadership skills and fosters a healing environment
  • Interacts with all members of the healthcare team with respect and professionalism
  • Interacts with ancillary staff with courtesy and dignity
  • Treats and communicates with patients in a timely and professional manner
  • Educates patients and their families according to their healthcare needs
  • Collaborates with all members of the healthcare team when directing patient care
  • Refers patients as appropriate to specialty or subspecialty physicians
  • Exercises autonomy in medical decision-making with physician supervision as needed
  • Maintains an awareness of the current resources available when providing patient care
  • Educates healthcare team when addressing patient’s plan of care as opportunities arise
  • Provides positive leadership skills and fosters a healing environment
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